The Bridges of America / Bridges International Difference


How does Bridges of America / Bridges International stand out as a premier employer to work for?

Bridges International believes all our employees are the cornerstone to our programs success and we feel it is important to reward hard work and a job well done.


Bridges of America / Bridges International believes in supporting your goals to live well by offering competitive compensation, a rich benefit package like you would expect to see from an industry leader and ongoing training to help our team members grow with the company.


At Bridges of America / Bridges International, you are not just working for a company, you are a member of a community that strives to be the best at everything we do. We feel it is important for our staff, clients and inmates to succeed in their lives and we provide the tools for this to become a reality.


We want all our team members, clients and inmates to have a true sense of satisfaction in their careers with us, at home or when they complete our treatment program.


Attracting, retaining and grooming employees for growth within our company is our goal. We are looking for caring, professional, motivated and creative people who want to help others succeed in their lives, free of addictions.


It is our belief that providing succession training to our diverse, skilled, professional and caring staff will create empowered decision-makers for the company’s continued growth and success.


At Bridges of America / Bridges International, we are here to serve our staff, clients, inmates and our local communities. We believe if we provide our team members with the utmost opportunities to grow and succeed, they will in turn show our clients and inmates how to do the same.