Bridges of America / Bridges International Application Instructions and Information

Before You Begin…
  1. You must first create a user login using a valid/active email address. You will not be able to apply without a valid email address.
  2. You will be required to create a password in order to access your application. Please write down your password so you can visit us and apply for future positions should you not become selected for hire.
  3. Please ensure you provide the most accurate information possible, your application is a legal binding document and if anything is found to be erroneous you may be disqualified for hire.
  4. Please have the following information readily available for your application:
    • Valid Social Security Information
    • Valid Driver’s License or State Identification Information
    • Names/Phone Numbers/Address of previous employment and education institutions


Application Process
  1. In the first section of the application you must upload a current resume. A cover letter is optional but encouraged.
  2. Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your social security card.
  3. Please ensure you enter your most up to date address and/or mailing information.
  4. Please provide an accurate home or cell phone number where you can be contacted.
  5. Please double check to ensure that your social security number, driver’s license and other critical information is correct on the application.
  6. Please enter the date you are available to start working.
  7. Most of our positions require that employees be available for all shifts. If this may be a problem for you please note this on the day and hours available for work line provided.
  8. If you wish to apply for more than one position you will need to complete an application for each position.


Following the Application Process
  1. Your application will be received by Human Resources to review your qualifications for the position in which you have applied. Any questions regarding the application process can be addressed by the HR department.
  2. Please note that to be eligible for employment all applicants will be required to pass a local and national criminal history background screening and a pre-employment drug test.
    • A criminal history background screening will be conducted only if the applicant is chosen as a candidate and is being considered for hire.
    • A drug screening will be conducted only after the applicant has successfully completed the criminal history background screening.


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We look forward to you becoming one of our team members!